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Articles on buildings, spaces, and other unique locations in and around UTEP. Read more about the history of dormitory life at UTEP.


Campus Buildings

These buildings and structures are located within the grounds that define the UTEP campus. This is an area bordered by Interstate Highway 10, West Schuster Avenue, North Mesa Street, and Sun Bowl Drive. Buildings that have been renamed, decommissioned, or demolished can be found by clicking here. For a backgrounder on the history of UTEP's unique campus architecture, click here.

Off-Campus Buildings and Locations

Several sites remote to UTEP are owned, leased, or maintained by the University.


Within the campus of UTEP are several unique areas that provide everything from a tranquil place to sit to recreational activities. Included in these areas and within several buildings are notable works of public art.

Campus Landscape (flora and fauna)

Campus Sustainability (environmentally friendly campus programs)

Historical Sites

Around UTEP, El Paso, and the world are located historical sites of significance to the University. For an account of the relocation of UTEP to its current location for its original site by Ft. Bliss, click here.


Public Art

Mount Cristo Rey

Above UTEP

A collection of aerial photos taken over the decades.


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