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The legacy of mining schools is that they represent the first true schools of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—a legacy extending well back to the 18th century, making mining schools the original STEM institutions of their time. With its establishment in 1914, the State School of Mines and Metallurgy (now The University of Texas at El Paso, or UTEP) embodied the finest traditions of science of mining and engineering, while reaching out to serve the unique needs of the Paso del Norte region. The school, isolated from Austin and the other metropolitan centers of Texas by distance, expanded well beyond its original mission. Thirteen years after the establishment of an engineering school dedicated to the mining and metallurgy, El Paso emerged as one of the fastest growing regions in Texas, jumping from the ninth biggest city in 1900 and replacing Austin as the state’s fourth biggest by 1930. Such a fast growing region required a school dedicated to not only engineering, but to meet the higher education needs its rapidly growing population. In 1927, the School of Mines transformed itself into a general college with the addition of new departments dedicated to the arts, business, education, and sciences alongside the original engineering school to better meet the needs of the Paso del Norte region. In this one act, the school’s enrollment soared the following year to over five hundred students from a previous average of one hundred. Forty years later in 1966, with enrollment approaching 10,000 students, the School of Arts and Sciences received approval to split into four new divisions: Business Administration, Education, Liberal Arts, and Science. These schools, along with the original School of Engineering, became colleges in 1973, and were later joined by the School of Nursing (1976) and the College of Health Sciences (2004). Today, the colleges of The University of Texas at El Paso continue to serve the Paso del Norte region, providing over 23,000 students each year access to not only science and technology, but also a full range of comprehensive departments and programs ranging from African-American studies to zoology.


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