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As with most universities, UTEP's founding unfolded over many years at the hand of many people. Members of the El Paso delegation to the Texas Legislature adopted Senate Bill 183 (1913) that promised state support of the school if El Paso citizens got it started. In April 1914, the El Paso Chamber of Commerce announced that 80 individuals and firms had committed to provide $50,000 to purchase facilities for the school that opened for registration on September 23, under the direction of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas. After a fire rendered those original facilities unusable, the school moved to its current location on property donated by El Paso citizens.


Supporters of Senate Bill 183 (1913)

Source: Legislative Reference Library of Texas [1]

State Senator Claude B. Hudspeth

Representative Richard Burgess

Representative Eugene Harris

Governor Oscar Branch Colquitt

80 Individuals and Firms who Guaranteed the Funding (1914)

Source: El Paso Herald, April 13, 1913


Bassett, Charles Nebekar

Booker, Lewis E.

Brady, James B.

Bray, Edward M.

Burges, Richard F.

Newman, Charles M.

Cobb, Zach Lamar

Coles, Alfred P.

Cooley, Winchester

Courchesne, Alfred

Crockett, John O.

Dyer, John L.

Elliott, Fred A.

Farrar, Benjamin L.

Feldman, Fred J.

Gillies, Donald B.

Goggon, James M.

Hall, F. Norwood

Hudspeth, Claude B.

Lorentzen, Julius W.

Martinez, Felix

McClincock, H. R.

McNary, James G.

Morehead, Charles R.

Mundy, John J.

Newman, Harry L. Jr.

Orndorff, R. Burt

Patterson, Millard

Pickrell, Clarence E.

Pollard, Joseph H.

Primm, James F.

Ramey, Robert L.

Raynolds, Joshua S.

Reckhart, Daniel W.

Reeves, Andrew W.

Slater, Hughes DeCourcey

Stevens, Charles B.

Stevens, Horace B.

Stevenson, Dr. Herbert Elmer

Swain, Harry

Tooley, William L.

Turney, William W.

Van Surdam, Henderson E.

Watson, James B.

Wilmarth, James C.

Wyatt, John M.


American Lumber and Investment Co.

Austin & Marr

Broaddus & LeBaron

Newman Investment Co.

City National Bank

Davis Bros.

El Paso Milling Co.

El Paso Optical Co.

Ellis Bros.

Everybody's Department Store

Government Hill Co.

Grand View Realty Co.

Guarantee Shoe Co.

H. Lesinsky Co.

Hotel Paso del Norte

Houch & Dieter Co.

International Book & Stationery Co.

J. A. & Robert Krakauer

James A. Dick Co.

Momsen, Dunnegan, Ryan Co.

Morning Side Heights Co.

Neff-Stiles Co.

Otto P. Kroeger Co.

Popular Dry Goods Co.

Rio Grande Valley Bank

Scott White Co.

Shelton-Payne Arms Co.

Southwestern Portland Cement Co.

Texas Bank & Trust Co.

The White House

Trost & Trost

W. G. Walz Co.

W. T. Hixon Co.

West Texas Fuel Co.

University of Texas Leadership

Board of Regents

Source: "Minutes of the Board of Regents," April 28, 1914 [2]


Land Donors

Original Location (1914)

See the list of 80 individuals and firms above

Current Location (1917)

Cooley, Winchester

Rous, J. C. Jr.

Valdespino, A. S.

Ware, H. T.

Ware, V. E.


Robert E. Thomason

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