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The Board of Regents is the governing body that oversees The University of Texas at El Paso and all of the other institutions within the U. T. System. The Governor of Texas appoints each member to a staggered six-year term, with the State Senate confirming each appointment. As currently constituted, the board consists of nine members in addition to a student member who is appointed to a one-year term.


UTEP and the Board of Regents

In 1913, the legislation that established UTEP, then known as the Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy, placed the governance of the school under the Board of Regents for the University of Texas. The University of Texas at that time consisted of the Austin branch (now The University of Texas at Austin) and the Medical Branch (now The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston) in Galveston. Under the state constitution in 1913, the Agricultural and Mechanical College located in Bryan (now Texas A&M University), was considered a branch of the University; however, it also had its own board of regents, which often led to confusion and conflicts over governance and funding of both schools with respect to the state legislature.

Members of the Board of Regents from El Paso

Beauregard Bryan

Term: January 1895-January 1907. Appointed by Governors Hogg, Culberson, Sayers, and Lanham. Occupation: attorney. Died March 4, 1918.

Bryan served during the period prior to the founding of the School of Mines. He supported the founding of the institution and awarded the degrees to the first graduates of the school in 1916.

William H. Burges

Term: January 1911-May 1914. Appointed by Governor Oscar Colquitt. Occupation: attorney. Attended University of Texas. Died May 11, 1946

Paul L. Foster

Term: November 2007-present. Appointed by Governor Rick Perry. Occupation: businessman.

Thornton Hardie

Term: March 1957-Jan 1963. Appointed by Governors Shivers and Daniel. Occupation: attorney. Attended the University of Texas. Died December 1, 1969.

Robert L. Holliday

Term: February 1927-January 1933. Appointed by Governor Moody. Occupation: attorney. Attended the University of Texas. Died 1954.

Woody L. Hunt

Term: February 1999- October 2005. Appointed by Governor George W. Bush. Occupation: businessman. Attended the University of Texas.

Charles E. Kelly

Term: March 1917-June 1923. Appointed by Governor James Ferguson. Occupation: political leader. Died July 27, 1932.

El Paso Meetings

The Board of Regents traveled to the campus of UTEP for the first time in the fall of 1920, when the school was known as the College of Mines. Prior to 1920, all regular meetings of the regents took place in Austin, with occasional meetings held in Galveston at the Medical Branch, while one special meeting took place in Fort Worth in 1913. Since 1920, the Board of Regents has met in El Paso twenty-five times for its regular meeting.

Date Location
November 5-6, 2014 Tomás Rivera Conference Center, Union East
November 12-13, 2008 Templeton Suite, Union East
August 7-8, 2002 Grand Ballroom, El Paso Marriott Hotel
February 8, 1996 Room 308, Geological Sciences Building
June 10, 1993 Room 310, Geological Sciences Building
April 6, 1989 Blumberg Auditorium, University Library
December 13-14, 1984 Room 308, Union East
June 11-12, 1981 Exhibition Hall, The Union (now Union East)
May 31-June 1, 1979 Auditorium, College of Nursing (now Campbell Building)
September 14, 1973 The Union (now Union Complex)
May 29, 1970 Exhibition Gallery, Union East
March 8, 1968 Room 308, Student Union Building (now Union Complex)
May 27-28, 1966 Room 308, Student Union Building (now Union Complex)
May 22-23, 1964 Room 212, Main Building (now Old Main)
December 1, 1962 President’s Conference Room, Administration Building
December 9-10, 1960 Spanish Room, Hotel del Norte
December 11-13, 1958 President’s Conference Room, Administration Building
October 14-15, 1955 Library (now Geological Sciences Building)
September 12, 1953 Library (now Geological Sciences Building)
May 25-26, 1951 Cotton Memorial
April 29-30, 1949 President’s office, Library and Administration Building (now Geological Sciences Building)
November 24, 1944 President’s office, Library and Administration Building (now Geological Sciences Building)
October 19, 1925 Library, Main Building (Old Main)
January 10, 1923 Paso del Norte Hotel
October 26, 1920 Paso del Norte Hotel


University of Texas System Board of Regents

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