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From the very beginning, when UTEP was a small crop of buildings located on a mesa northeast of El Paso, athletics has played an important part of the University's tradition. There were no "student-athletes" in the early part of the 20th century, but only young scholars who took to the fields and the courts as a form a recreation and to provide a focus for school spirit.

As the Texas State School of Mines and Metallurgy started classes on Sept. 28, 1914, the school’s athletic department began to take shape with the help of a few visionaries.

Other sports came onto the horizon as the Miners fielded baseball, golf, tennis and track squads.

With the athletics department growing, Professor Franklin Hupp Seamon was brought in to be the Chairman of the Faculty Committee for Athletics. Curtice was picked to be the athletics director in addition to coaching the football team. Mike Brumbelow was athletics director throughout the 1950’s and McCarty, who had a lot of influence in hiring Haskins, directed the department until 1972.

Today, UTEP fans have the opportunity to follow 16 Division I athletic teams under the leadership of former Miner football coach Bob Stull.


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