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January 12 – A 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti

February 23 – The United States Navy lifts its ban on women in submarines

March 23 – The Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed into law

April 20 – Deepwater Horizon gulf oil spill

September 17 – “Mining Minds,” a sculpture by artist Michael Clapper, is dedicated. [UE]

November 28 – Wikileaks releases classified diplomatic documents

December 22 – The Senate ratifies the New START treaty; The Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 signed into law


March 11 – A 9.0 earthquake strikes Japan, resulting in the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant meltdown

March 19 – The United States began air and cruise missile attacks against Libya

May 2 – Al-Qaeda head Osama bin Laden killed by United States forces in Abbottabad, Pakistan

October 19 – UTEP receives the largest grant in its history—a $10 million donation from alumnus Mike Loya to the engineering and business administration programs. The Academic Services Center is later renamed in his honor. [Pros.]

December 18 – Withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq


July 4 – The Higgs boson is discovered

March 2 – The Chemistry and Computer Science Building is dedicated. [UC]

March 23 – The Academic Services Building is renamed in honor of alumnus Mike Loya following his gift of $10 million to UTEP. [UC]

August 1 – The Cryo-Electron Microscope—one of only two 300-kilovolt microscopes in the nation—is switched on for the first time. [UE]

October 25 – Hurricane Sandy strikes the Eastern United States coast

November 6 – Barack Obama reelected President of the United States


February 15 – Chelyabinsk meteor strikes Siberia

March 13 – Pope Francis becomes Pope

April 15 – Boston Marathon bombings

April 16 – The Texas Legislature commemorates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the institution. [EPT]

May 20 – University Avenue is permanently closed on campus to allow construction of Centennial Plaza, which will transform the center core of the campus into a paseo. [UC]


September 18 – The University opens a new nanofabrication facility. [UC]

September 28 – The University of Texas at El Paso, originally known as the State School of Mines and Metallurgy, celebrates the 100th anniversary of its first day of classes. [UC]

October 1 – The U.S. Department of Education awards UTEP a major grant to develop a first-year student retention program. [UC]


May 15 – The University launches UTEP Connect, an online degree program. In its inaugural year, the program offers 13 online degrees in the disciplines of business, criminal justice, education, liberal arts, and nursing. [UC]

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