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Events of the 1960s



February 20 – Plans for the new Liberal Arts Building are unveiled in the Prospector. The plans call for the building to span the existing arroyo rather than filling it in. [Pros.]

August 15 – Joseph Ray takes over as president of Texas Western College. He replaces Joseph Smiley who accepted an appointment as vice president and provost of the University of Texas in Austin. Ray also replaces Anton Berkman who served as interim president from August 1 to 14. [BR]


June 7 – TWC is selected over U.T. Austin to host the first Peace Corp program. The first of 45 Peace Corp candidates arrive at TWC. [EPHP]


February 3 - The Board of Regents approves the formation of Mission '73, a citizen's advisory committee charged with crafting a ten-year plan for TWC in honor of the institutions 50th anniversary. [BR]


The Board of Regents formally abolishes courses related to mining and mining-geology offered by TWC, effective 1965, and fifty years following the awarding of the first mining engineering degree by the school.


The first published history of the school, Frontier College, by Francis L. Fugate, is released by Texas Western Press.


February 5 – Computer technology arrives to the campus when an IBM computer that features punch-card technology is used for the first time to aid with registration. [Pros.]


January 5 – Shortly after winning the 1965 Sun Bowl, the Texas Western College informs the press that due to an “oversight,” two ineligible players may have participated in the game. [EPHP]

January 20 – Texas Western College President Joseph Ray proposes that the School of Arts and Sciences be divided into four separate schools: Business Administration, Education, Liberal Arts, and Sciences. [PSC]

January 20 – Texas Western College President Joseph Ray notifies the president of Texas Christian University that TWC would be forfeiting their victory in the 1965 Sun Bowl game due to recent revelations that TWC played twelve ineligible players. [PSC]

March 19 - Called one of the greatest upsets in NCAA basketball history, the Texas Western College Miners, coached by Don Haskins, defeat four-time champion University of Kentucky Wildcats under Adolph Rupp for the national championship in Maryland, 72 - 65. The TWC team becomes the first team from a former Confederate state to feature an all-black starting lineup in a championship game, disrupting the tradition of segregated sports in Southern colleges.

May 11 – The Board of Regents approves changing the name of Texas Western College to The University of Texas at El Paso. Pending authorization by the State Legislature, Texas Western College will be referred to as Texas Western College of the University of Texas at El Paso, with "The University of Texas of El Paso" to be emphasized. [BR]


February 24 – New computer equipment is delivered to the Old Main Building for installation of the school’s first computer lab, the Computation Center. The Center features a Control Data 3100 computer that can process up to 1000 lines of code per minute. [Pros.]

March 13 – As of 8:00 am, the institution formerly known as Texas Western College is no more as the new name, The University of Texas at El Paso, is adopted following the passage of Senate Bill 14 of the 60th State Legislature. The official abbreviation is to be “U. T. El Paso.” [BR]

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